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Letters from our English friends

We have our letters ready for our new English penpals. We hope you like our letters as much as we liked yours!

Tenemos nuestras cartas preparadas para nuestros nuevos amigos por correspondencia ingleses. ¡Esperamos que os gusten las cartas tanto como nos gustaron las vuestras!

Lip dub - "Summer Time"

Here we have Year 5 students singing "Summer Time". I think they do it brilliantly! What do you think?

Aquí tenemos a los alumnos de 5º cantando "Summer Time". ¡Creo que lo hacen magníficamente! ¿Vosotros qué pensáis? 

[In/On/Under] Where is my cap? I don't see it - Easy Dialogue - English...

Mom, where is my cap?
It's in your bag.
I don't see it. Where is it?
Well.... On the desk?

Here, it's under the desk.

Mom, see you.
Okay, have fun.