Story: Edgar's Easter eggs

Read this story about Edgar and his Easter eggs.

Lee este cuento sobre Edgar y sus huevos de Pascua.

Luz, thank you for this lovely story!

Some ideas for your Easter eggs

Here you can get some ideas for your Easter eggs.

Aquí podéis tomar ideas para vuestros "Easter eggs".


We are going to have a display of Easter eggs made by you. With this online activity you can colour an Easter egg, and practise to create your own.

Vamos a tener una exposición de huevos de Pascua hechos por vosotros. Con esta actividad online tú puedes colorear un huevo de Pascua, y practicar para crear el tuyo propio.

Easter Word Search

Find all the words related to Easter.

Encuentra todas las palabras relacionadas con "Easter"

Paint your Easter egg!

Paint your Easter egg with your favourite patterns and colours.

Pinta tu huevo de Pascua con tus estampados y colores favoritos.

Easter surprise

Click on the Easter eggs and you'll have a little surprise.

Haz clic en los huevos de Pascua y tendrás una pequeña sorpresa.

Happy Easter!

In our school we are going to celebrate Easter and we are going to have some surprises!.

En nuestro colegio vamos a celebrar "Easter" y vamos a tener algunas sorpresas.

At the restaurant

Listen to these Year 3 students playing at the restaurant.

Escucha a estos alumnos de Tercero jugando en el restaurante.

Going shopping

Listen to these Year 4 students buying in a shop.

Escucha a estos estudiantes de Cuarto comprando en una tienda.

Going shopping dialogue

Listen to this dialogue about how to buy in a shop.

Escucha este diálogo sobre cómo comprar en una tienda.

- Good morning, sir. Can I help you?
+ Good morning. How much is this mug ?
- It’s £ 8. 35
+ Oh! I think it’s expensive. How much are these postcards?
- They’re 45 p each.
+ OK! Can I have three postcards, please?
- Sure. Do you want anything else?
+ Yes, please. Have you got stamps?
- I’m sorry, sir. We haven’t, but there is a post office round the corner.
+ Thank you. How much is it altogether?
- It’s £ 1. 35
+ Here you are.
+ Good bye
- Good bye