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I like/love ____ing
cooking, dancing, drawing, hiking, listening to music, playing basketball, playing games, playing the guitar, reading books, riding a bicycle, singing, swimming, taking photographs, watching TV

What Do You Like To Do? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

I like... but I don't like...

Dancing, swimming, drawing, cooking, riding a bike, petting, running, painting, reading, skiing, playing, singing

Book "Clothes" by Year 1

These books have been illustrated by Year 1 students. You can see pictures of themselves wearing the clothes we have learnt in English. Good work!

Estos libros han sido ilustrados por las clases de Primero. Podéis ver dibujos de ellos mismos llevando puesta la ropa que hemos aprendido en inglés. ¡Buen trabajo!

every day, yesterday, tomorrow | Present, Past, Future | English Speakin...

Simple Present + every day
Simple Past + yesterday
Future "going to" + tomorrow

Play frisbee, read the paper, buy milk, eat carrots, drink coffee, use my computer, exercise, watch TV, do homework