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Letters from our English friends

We have our letters ready for our new English penpals. We hope you like our letters as much as we liked yours!

Tenemos nuestras cartas preparadas para nuestros nuevos amigos por correspondencia ingleses. ¡Esperamos que os gusten las cartas tanto como nos gustaron las vuestras!

Lip dub - "Summer Time"

Here we have Year 5 students singing "Summer Time". I think they do it brilliantly! What do you think?

Aquí tenemos a los alumnos de 5º cantando "Summer Time". ¡Creo que lo hacen magníficamente! ¿Vosotros qué pensáis? 

[In/On/Under] Where is my cap? I don't see it - Easy Dialogue - English...

Mom, where is my cap?
It's in your bag.
I don't see it. Where is it?
Well.... On the desk?

Here, it's under the desk.

Mom, see you.
Okay, have fun.

No cheese

I like... but I don't like...
Bananas, milk, carrots, peas, tomatoes, pizza, cheese

[Past tense] How was your summer vacation? It was great. - Easy Dialogue...

How are you?
I'm good. How was your summer vacation?
It was great. I went to Jejudo with my family. 
Really? What did you do there? 
We looked around Jejudo. 
Sounds great. 
We rode horses and walked along Jeju olle. 
Jeju olle? What’s that? 
It’s a walking path. You can see beautiful beaches and fields from there. 
Wow, I want to go there, too. 

How about your vacation? What did you do? 
I took taegwondo lessons. 
Great. What color belt do you have? 
White. I want to get my blue belt soon. 
Good luck! 

English teachers visit our school

Last Thursday and Friday, we received the visit of three English teachers: Clare, Sue and Nicola. We were really happy to see Clare again, and we were glad to meet Nicola and Sue. 
They told us stories, they taught us a song and they saw how we learn English. They also gave us some letters from their pupils, so we'll have penpals. We'll write our new English friends very soon.
Thank you, teachers! We loved you being with us!

El pasado jueves y viernes, recibimos la visita de tres profesoras inglesas: Clare, Sue y Nicola. Estuvimos realmente contentos de ver a Clare de nuevo, y estuvimos encantados de conocer a Nicola y Sue.
Nos contaron cuentos, nos enseñaron una canción y vieron cómo aprendemos inglés. También nos dieron cartas de sus alumnos, así que tendremos "amigos por correspondencia". Escribiremos a nuestros nuevos amigos ingleses muy pronto.
¡Gracias profes! ¡Nos encantó que estuvierais con nosotros!

Places Around Town | Set 3 | English Speaking Practice | ESL | EFL

Where are you going?
I'm going to the bank, parking lot, bakery, barber shop, factory, gas station, post office, library