[Present progressive] What's he doing? He's dancing. jumping. jogging. -...

Look over there.
What's he doing?
He's dancing.

Oh! Now he's jumping.
Wow. Great.

What's she doing?
She's jogging.

Alex's family comes to visit

Last Monday, Alex was very excited. His grandparents from England were coming to school to give us a lovely surprise. His parents came too. His grandfather was very kind to answer all our questions. Then, he gave us some presents from England and we LOVED them!
Thank you very much, family!

El pasado Lunes, Alex estaba emocionado. Sus abuelos de Inglaterra venían al cole a darnos una estupenda sorpresa. Sus padres vinieron también. Su abuelo fue muy amable contestando todas nuestras preguntas. Después, nos dio unos regalos de Inglaterra y ¡nos ENCANTARON!
¡Muchas gracias, familia!

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