Unit 1 Kahoot!

1. Go to the link
2. Play as a guest
3. Classic
4. Go to www.kahoot.it and write the code
5. Enjoy!

Is it a...?
Have you got...?

Happy Halloween!

Thank you very much for decorating our school with your pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

Career Day | Friendship | School | Little Fox | Animated Stories for Kids

Ms/Mrs/Mr... is a chef, photograph, car designer, dentist, vet, scientist
He/She... cooks, takes pictures, designs, checks, takes care, studies
He/She works at a... restaurant, studio, car company, dentist's office, animal hospital, university

Ropa y colores - sustantivos singulares y plurales | Inglés para la comu...

What is it? It is a... What color is it? It is...
What are they? They are... What color are they? They are...

Coat, skirt, jacket, tee shirt, sweater
Socks, sunglasses, underpants, shorts

Kids vocabulary - Bugs - Learn English for kids - English educational video

Ant, bee, beetle, butterfly, cockroach, cricket, dragonfly, dung beetle, firefly, fly, grasshopper, ladybug, mantis, mosquito, spider

Yummy, Food! | English for Children | English for Kids

Do you like...? 

I like/don't like...

Cakes, oranges, fizzy drinks, apples, chocolate, crisps, bananas, orange juice

Kids vocabulary - Where?(in, on, under) - Learn English for kids - Engli...

Where is/are...? It is/They are...

Under, on, in, behind, in front of, between, beside

Other vocabulary: hat, chair, glasses, desk, jacket, closet, socks, ball, bag, computer, sketchbook, dolls, colored pencils, book

I want to be an explorer - animated story video

I want to be an explorer.
I can see a... snake, crocodile, monkey, parrot, lion
Fantastic! Can you see an elephant? I want to see an elephant.

Let's Go 5th Edition | Animated Song

Where are the bugs? They're on the flowers.
Where are the flowers? They're by the tree.
Where is the tree? It's in the puddle.
Where is the puddle? It's under the tree.

Illnesses | Talking Flashcards

He/She has...
a cold, a backache, an earache, a runny nose, a fever, a stomachache, a headache, a cough, a sore throat, a broken leg, a cut, a toothache

I want to be a monster - animated story video

I want to be a monster.
Look! There's a monster.
It's got yellow eyes, blue ears, a red nose, a green mouth.
Let's climb, jump up and down, roar, play

Kids vocabulary - My Day - Daily Routine - Learn English for kids - Engl...

Get up, have breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, go to school, take classes, have lunch, play with friends, come home, do my homework, have dinner, take a shower, go to bed